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Hinoki – Part 3 – A short story about sourcing wood.

I told a tale of cutting down a Hinoki tree, and chainsawing it into quarters and processing it… This rendered wood that I can use for braces in a few years. Not a big tree, but worth the trouble and a good experience. The fellows that have been helping me scout for more Hinoki said we’ll find a tree one meter in diameter in the mountains and go cut it down. I was thinking that will be a back breaker of a few days and then 5 to 7 year wait for wood to dry. Alas a good idea, but not what I really and truly wanted to go through, …


Starting my blog here again as brand new!!

Short essays and observations about flamenco and classical guitar making. Stories about making guitars as an American living in Japan. My other interests are playing the cello, flamenco guitar and painting landscape paintings. Please ask questions about guitar making or living in Japan. To contact me about commissioning a custom guitar, please feel free to write to me.