Bulgarian Tambura made in 2011-12 – Roberto Zamora plays Moron falseta

Roberto Zamora is a well known and loved flamenco singer and dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just picked up an email from him today and it reminded me of the Bulgarian Tambura I made for him.

Roberto told me one day that he has a secret project that he does not tell many people about. He plays and studies the Bulgarian tambura with a Bulgarian Gypsy in the East Bay. He asked me to make him a high quality tambura and gave me one of his student instruments to examine and copy, but with excellent materials and attention to sound production. We worked together and came up with this tambura.

Roberto went on to play the tambura in flamenco shows, but this video is of him playing guitar falsetas (in my old Oakland CA shop) from Diego del Gastor of Moron de la Frontera ~ More pictures later, but I have fond memories of working together with Roberto and love his gutsy Moron style playing.


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