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Hinoki – Part 3 – A short story about sourcing wood.

I told a tale of cutting down a Hinoki tree, and chainsawing it into quarters and processing it… This rendered wood that I can use for braces in a few years. Not a big tree, but worth the trouble and a good experience. The fellows that have been helping me scout for more Hinoki said we’ll find a tree one meter in diameter in the mountains and go cut it down. I was thinking that will be a back breaker of a few days and then 5 to 7 year wait for wood to dry. Alas a good idea, but not what I really and truly wanted to go through, …

Part 1~ Hinoki Cypress Flamenco Guitars under construction

The beginning of two Hinoki Flamenco guitars. Hinoki is a cypress native to Japan. I have locally sourced aged Hinoki lumber which I have resawn into backs a sides for guitars. I expect this wood to produce excellent flamenco guitars. Photos: The preliminary thickness in MM on the back. It will go down to about 2.5 mm to 2.3 mm Using Japanese Kanna to plane ribs, smooth finishing with a Western plane. Glue brush. I use hot hide glue for the majority of my work. Neck blanks being assembled in a climate controlled room.  I do all my joint gluing and assembly under strict climate control.